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The Importance of Movement

Movement. It seems like such a simple thing, yet our modern lifestyles have meant that we have become more sedentary than ever with each of us sitting on average for twelve hours a day*. It’s estimated that a sedentary lifestyle is fourth leading risk factor for mortality globally*.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Whether it’s a walk, a run or even just regularly standing at your desk, the great news is that there are so many fantastic reasons to incorporate movement into your

1. Improves your mental health

It’s no secret that exercise can vastly help improving overall mental health and wellbeing as well as reduce day-to-day stress because of the endorphins released during period of high intensity movement.

2. Improves your sleep

There has been much research into better understanding the way that exercise can affect sleep. As well as the physical benefits, regular exercise had been shown to not only increase the amount of time we sleep but also improve our overall quality of sleep.

3. Reduce injuries and pain

Yes, that’s right, exercising can help reduce injuries and any muscular or joint pain. Regularly training and strengthening joints and muscles can help with improving balance, co-ordination and range of motion.

4. Improves productivity

Now that we’re all working from home, incorporating movement into your home couldn’t be more important! Regularly increasing your blood flow and heart rate throughout the day can help with staying more alert, our attention span and overall memory.

If you aren’t able to fit in a workout, why not try:

  • A standing desk

  • Working for 25 minutes and walking for 5 minutes

  • Walking the children to school rather than driving

  • Walking up the stairs instead of using the lift

  • A walking meeting with colleagues

If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate movement into your day, try our weekly BoxingYoga™ classes.



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