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Our Values

Leading sports & PE in primary schools for over 20 years, we have huge experience working alongside Head Teachers & schools delivering positive sessions for their pupils. 


Everyone works better when given positive attention and using the values from the School Games works perfectly for the Badminton Centre as we apply these values in our lessons to promote positive attitudes and expectations to our members.

Members are rewarded on a regular basis when they demonstrate these values during their lessons.

Honesty with others and with yourself.  Having the courage to do the right thing and what you know is right.  Let the best person win, not the best cheat

Self Belief Values.png

You've got to believe to achieve.  Have the self belief and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best.

Determination is about the journey you go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams.  Have the mental strength and self-discipline to overcome obstacles, commit to your goals and keep working every day to become the very best you can be.  Don't hold back!

Determination Values.png

Treating everyone equally, supporting each other and working together to achieve at your very best level.  Celebrate each other's successes and be a positive team player.

Teamwork Values.png

Giving it 100 percent.  Putting your heart and soul into the game and never giving up.  Passion makes you enter the race and passion makes you finish it.

Respect for the umpires, for the opposition, for your team mates, coaches, for yourself and for the game.  Accepting victory and defeat with grace, treating others politely and with understanding.  Respecting every day, in every sport and for everyone.

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