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How High Can We Grow

The Sunflower Challenge is well under way. A number of children planted their sunflowers two weeks ago and today the After School Gardening Club measured and logged their progress. There is little between the top three!

Today we have launched a new competition called 'Tomatoes are us'. Five groups of children have chosen a different tomato to grow to see which is most successful and of course there will be a tasting test when all fruits are ready and as long as there are no allergies to tomatoes? If we are really lucky we may have some lovely plants ready for sale at the Summer Fair. So watch this space for news of the Tigerettes, Fierce Gardeners, Tomato Power, Golden Epic Team and the Hammer Sharks (children's choice of names).

First produce of 2018 sown, grown, picked, washed & tested - Radishes!

The enthusiasm the children show in the garden is infectious and a pleasure to see. We hope that what they learn with us stands them in good stead for the future not just in the garden but making choices with vegetables, experimenting with flavours and looking after the planet.

Keep Digging - Keep Growing!

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