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From Playground to Plate, My Edible School brings children closer to their food and gives them the knowledge and experience of where our food really comes from.


Sowing that seed or feeding those chickens with the excitement of digging those first potatoes or finding the first egg!


This is the important stuff that must be passed on to future generations as without food and plants we won't have much else left.  We must make sure we allow our children to know how to feed themselves for the future.  It is out duty!

James Wong and Stephen Kiernan (2).jpg

Inspired to grow weird and wonderful edible crops by Ethnobotanist, TV presenter and Author James Wong

Town & Country Competition.jpg

On the panel for Town and Country Competition alongside Rob Smith - (winner of BBC Allotment Challenge), Michael Perry (TV Presenter, horticulturalist) and The Skinny Jean Gardeners (Blue Peters Gardeners)

Updated on a regular basis - unlimited videos to grow your own plus loads more

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