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Reiki is a simple healing, relaxation technique originating from Japan working with energy.

Top athletes know the importance of mental focus and muscle recovery during their sport. It can be the deciding factor on the result of a game. Our meditations and yoga based training certainly assist with this but have you looked into working on your energy with the ancient Japanese healing and relaxation technique, Reiki?


Nowadays it's being more understood that everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies - everything has an energy. Ki, qi, prana or chi are words for energy in Asia. All matter is made with energy, plants, rocks, everything is vibrating at different rates.















Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique which works with this energy and can be a great way for athletes of all abilities to take their game further and can help:-


  • Boost concentration and calmness under pressure

  • Reduce aches, pains, soreness and inflammation in the body


  • Improve post-workout recovery and fatigue


  • Speed up recovery time after injuries or illness


  • Restore unbalanced sleep patterns, relieves fatigue and re-energises


  • Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness


  • Support athletes to be calm, secure & focused in the face of stress


  • Support a positive mental outlook, creating a positive winning mind














Reiki has been demonstrated in an exagerated and entertaining way when Mr Miyagi heals Dan in the Karate Kid and also the use of energy in the hands of Daniel Rand in the Marvel Iron Fist comics! Who knows if we can ever reach these levels of healing but working with the more subtle levels can be beneficial for our bodies.













A growing number of professional athletes have reported using Reiki as a complementary therapy to enhance their performance. These include athletes in a range of sports, including basketball, football, and tennis.

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Deeply relaxing, Reiki has been known to reduce stress, pain and anxiety, helping you in all areas of life.

Energy is constantly moving in and around our bodies.  Reiki helps this energy to keep flowing and keep our bodies in balance.

During a Reiki treatment the recipient will usually lie down on a treatment couch or they may prefer to sit in a chair.  With eyes closed listening to relaxing music the recipient will become relaxed.


A treatment lasts for up to 60 minutes with the practitioner focusing on the shoulders, head, torso and legs flowing energy according to the recipients needs helping to balance the energy system.

It is normal to feel warmth, heat or tingling and feel very relaxed.  Some people see colours or have an emotional release.

Just for today...

I am free from anger

I am free from worry

I am humble

I am honest

I am compassionate towards myself and others

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